Buy PNG Coffee Capsules online!

Papua New Guinea's best Arabica coffee are now available in Nespresso compatible capsules. Freshly roasted to perfection and sealed in Capsul'in Capsules and our unique air-tight tube of 10 capsules. Use them just like you would with Nespresso capsules, with no difference whatsoever. By using compatible capsules in your Nespresso machine does not void your current warranty.

We have perfected a roast for producing the perfect espresso complete with a golden crema which is the basis for milk coffees ('latte') or cappuccino just add milk. We highly recommend the Nespresso Aerocino milk frother which produces a light, smooth and luscious milk froth.

AIR NIUGINI has chosen PNG Coffee Capsules for the Air Niugini Executive Club lounge at Jacksons International airport to be followed shortly at the Jacksons Domestic lounge and Lae.

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Capsul'in manufactures the Nespresso compatible coffee capsules we use exclusively, conforms to EU's stringent food standards..